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Bianca Maria Scrugli
Bianca Maria Scrugli
creativity at work! Illustrator freelance
ROMA, Italy


Quick and intuitive sketches are the basis of my research. Graphite and black stone are my favorite tools but I also love the strong color contrasts. The elusive images I have in mind try to solve them with graphite on a sketchbook. Many images are an exploration of my life: from the flying orcs on the roofs to the many colors and graphic signs.

To support my imagination I use photography and reference research, working "at first", that is, save and only photograph what strikes me when I look at it, not a moment later.
My creative process starts with reading the story, looking for a deeper reading by studying on books, the internet and photos; I study the history, the context, the characters, the colors used in that historical context, etc ... only later I look for references for composition, ideas on lights / shadows and various details, creating various sketches both through collage and through computer tools such as Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, etc.
I often look for contrasting languages, almost absurd but also very strong, going from black and white images to very colorful and dynamic illustrations.
I often like to modify my work tools; Easily switch from digital painting to oil painting, acrylic on paper, pastels, etc. I never stop experimenting with new solutions.
I have many illustrators I refer to as Daniel Egneus, Frederic Pillot, Gianluca Garofalo and Carter Goodrich.
At the moment I am working on two nursery rhymes that will enclose the two maximum styles that represent me going from black and white illustrations to colored illustrations.

Born in 1984, after several jobs as an account in various private companies, I decided to change my life by studying Painting and Illustration in Rome at the Arts in Rome School; after three years of study I participated in several contests where I passed as a finalist including the 5th International Illustration Competition for children "Images to dream" announced by our association, with the theme "The world upside down" and will therefore be exhibited on the occasion of the relative exhibition, at the Municipal Library of Noventa Padovana and later at the Municipal Offices and an Exhibition at the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome from 26 October to 6 November with the theme "Correspondences" alongside great Contemporaries Figurative Artists.


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